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The Fragrance Dashboard

The Fragrance Dashboard

"The Fragrance Dashboard" is a digital spreadsheet designed to help fragrance enthusiasts keep track of their collection and preferences. The dashboard features three tabs: Collection, Weekly Rotation, and Wish List.

The Collection tab allows users to list all the fragrances they own, including information such as the name of the fragrance, brand, size, and notes. Users can also add their own notes and rating to each fragrance to keep track of their favorites.

The Weekly Rotation tab allows users to fill in which fragrances they wore each day of the week. By doing so, users can see which fragrances they tend to gravitate towards and which notes they prefer. This tab also includes a chart that shows the top notes, middle notes, and base notes that are most frequently used in the user's rotation.

The Wish List tab is where users can keep track of the fragrances they want to purchase next. Users can list the name of the fragrance, brand, and any other important information, such as the price and where to buy it.

Overall, "The Fragrance Dashboard" is a useful tool for fragrance enthusiasts to organize and keep track of their collection, as well as gain insights into their fragrance preferences.


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